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On August 12, 1983 paperwork was filed with the Washtenaw County Clerk here in Michigan and D² Enterprises officially went into business.

Today we’re better known locally as d2 Saline and to our online and direct mail customers as d2 Postcards.

We create proprietary pieces from our own original photography. Commercially, you know us by what we produce and by those with whom we have established mutually beneficial business relationships.

d2 Saline is personally owned by Janet and Dell Deaton: Each of actively contributing one D to this enterprise. Dell graduated from Saline High School (when it was located on Maple Road); Janet ran a signature local boutique store for many years (on Michigan Avenue and at the corner of South Ann Arbor and Henry).

Over the past three-plus decades, Janet Deaton has also made a name for herself in event management and canine rescues. She’s particularly active in advocating for the adoption of older dogs.

Dell Deaton has worked extensively in destination marketing and more favorably positioning those reality-based experiences against virtual alternatives. He is the internationally recognized expert on James Bond horology.

But at his core, he has always been and remains a photographer.

So, we’re not only from Saline. We’ve chosen Saline, again and again.

Sometimes this uniquely qualifies us to make “Saline” the center subject of our works from d2 Saline. Sometimes backdrop. But with d2 Saline, even when Saline doesn’t appear to be the center of attention, it’s invariably the foundation from which we’re able to produce everything we make for customers — wherever you call home.

— Janet and Dell Deaton
November 16, 2015

Revised: February 23, 2016