This d2 Postcards™ line ties to the era of passenger railway service through our local surviving Saline Depot.

Railroad Watches of Michigan: Saline Depot 1870-1931.™

Collectors will be pleased to hear that these postcards will be additionally available for purchase at the National Watch & Clock Museum gift shop beginning in mid-February.

Here are some highlights on our first three issues:

  • First, captioned: “National Watch (Elgin) ‘BW Raymond’ model circa 1870, associated with Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway.” (Photograph-side of this postcard is shown above.)
  • Second, captioned: “Dueber-cased ‘Special Railway’ model Hampden Watch circa 1891. An early contributor to aggressive marketing that separated competing watchmakers based upon technical elements.”
  • Third, captioned: “‘Sangamo’ model Illinois Watch circa 1904. This line was targeted from inception for the railroad market.”

These watches draw from The Beckham Deaton Collection,™ which continues to honor the legacy of Dell’s paternal grandfather.

Special thanks to Don Maddock and the Ann Arbor Railroad Technical and Historical Association for assistance in reconstructing a chronology of Saline Depot affiliations for this period.